Uber-mums and social climbers

Lot of airwave chatter about at the moment about primary school playground politics – the mums. (Woman’s Hour, today and yesterday.) Or maybe – no doubt – it’s just my oversensitive antennae picking up on it, being a playground newbie myself. I too am struggling with my own unresolved playground issues, petrified flashbacks of childhood exclusion anxiety, superimposed before I can stop myself on my unsuspecting child . . . I can see what they’re talking about. Only half a term in, and already I can identify the PSA ueber-mums, the desperate social climbers, as the cliques and exclusions begin to form.

But most of the public discussions overestimate, in my view, the working-mum vs stay-at-home mum friction – so passé!  They skirt past the class-issue (middle-class organic mums verses the ignorant masses) and ignore the race one altogether. This must reflect the social and educational environment of most chattering class commentators.

I have a theory – of which more later – that the sheer ethnic diversity of our school may counteract the temptation to bitch and bully of both mothers and children to a certain extent. Bullying (of which bitching is a subgenre) is generally an attempt to emphasis the “difference” and hence exclusion-worthiness of others when otherwise that key difference, in the view of the bullies, may escape notice. There’s absolutely no chance of difference escaping notice in our school.


About marytuda

An accidental first time mum in her fifties reflects on all things maternal from position of perpetual outsider and prolonged state of shock. An urban odessy through parenthood plus from one who thought she'd never go there.
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  1. It’s always better to be the observer than the observed.

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