2 Responses to Always in the wrong . .

  1. Jo says:

    I don’t understand how they can say the old scheme was only benefitting the most privileged when it was offered to everyone, and at the same time approve a new scheme that is effectively only open to the most privileged. Sounds like total hypocrisy to me.

    • marytuda says:

      It doesn’t make sense to me either . . . The argument I got from deputy head was, well, half the class (based on current Y3) weren’t interested anyway as soon as violin became optional rather than compulsory (after Y2) even when it cost them virtually nothing, so from now on we’re going to offer something else cheap (and compulsory?) that suits Everyone. And anyone who wants to carry on with the violin as well can pay for it just like at any other school.
      To be honest I don’t think the staff have worked it out themselves yet; they were just responding to complaints from some parent governors, and the letter outlining potential costs was, maybe, just an attempt to garner opinions from current Y2. Since then, almost a month ago now, silence.

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